Quick Fiber Studies

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michael Anderson

I tried to examine images of stiches, but I almost up chucked on my keyboard.

David Wojarowicz

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Portrait of Ross (candy)

Untitled - Public Opinion (black rod licorice candy)

Untitled (a corner of Baci)

John Baldessari

Margaret Bourke-White

".....She said that she never recalled conciously choosing between marriage and a career, but as she grew older she realized that hers was "a life into which marriage doesn't fit very well. If I had had children, I would have charted a widely different life...Perhaps I would have worked on children's books instead of going to wars...One life is not better than the other; it is just a different life." What settled the matter for her was probably this feeling: "There is nothing else like the exhilaration of a new story boiling up. To me this is like food and drink.""